Career Coaching for High School and College Students

Uncovering Your Own Career Roadmap

Career Testing - StudentsAs parents we pay special attention to our children’s academic and extra-curricula activities throughout their school years. Then we help them with their college selection process by encouraging them and taking them on college search trips. We expect that they will discover what they want to be when they grow up either through their high school or college experiences. Sadly, this doesn’t happen for everyone. Dare I say that this doesn’t happen for many. How did each of us come to be doing what we are currently doing? What helped you most in choosing your profession? Was it hit or miss? Was it a family connection? Was it a field trip? Was it a special teacher? Was it simply being in the right place at the right time? Did you know what you wanted when you started college? Did you change majors? Did you have enough information to make an informed career decision before choosing a college? So many questions!

My goal, as a career coach and as a parent, is to help both high school and college students with making informed career decisions. To do this I use both objective and subjective methods. Objectively, there are numerous tests that can tease out valuable information pertaining to personality type, interests, values and skills. Subjectively, there are all those things we think and know about ourselves. Then there are experiences. I am a firm believer in hands-on experiences. I love field trips, job shadowing and informational interviews. These are the things that truly make a difference. Seeing what a profession involves and learning about it firsthand are so much better than just reading about it.

As you will see from the following services: gathering information, sorting through the information, researching and exploring options, sorting through the options and developing a plan are very concrete steps designed to help you make informed career decisions now, as you prepare for the world, and later as you navigate your way around in the world of work. The services offered by are designed to complement any and all career services offered by your respective high schools or colleges. I am a strong advocate of both high school guidance services and college career center services.

Step 1: Assessment & Testing
The first step in helping you uncover your own roadmap for a meaningful and successful career is to to first step back and look at who you are, where you have been and what is most important to you. You will complete several subjective career assessment activities related to your past experiences, interests, skills, values and motivations. You will also complete extensive career testing to help you objectively understand your personality, values, interests and motivations. $450 (2 coaching sessions plus testing).

Step 2: Career Research & Exploration
During this phase of career coaching you will begin to conduct research on your top career possibilities that you uncovered during Step 1. THE MOST IMPORTANT step you can take before moving forward toward a career is to research it, talk to people in the career and see the career in action. This step is the one most frequently neglected for most of us. Your coach will guide you through this essential research process so that you can gather key information before moving forward in choosing a college major and/or career. $450 (3 coaching sessions).

Step 3: Career Path Planning
Once you have narrowed your career path down to your top 2-3 choices, it is now time to create a personalized career development plan, addressing your 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year career/life plan. Of course things can change, but this plan can serve as a guide as you begin the process of self/career discovery over the course of your lifetime. $300 (2 coaching sessions).
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