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Who doesn’t have a professional resume or a LinkedIn Profile in today’s job market? Getting a job today is all about Social Media. Ask anyone and everyone and you will find that before you ever meet face-to-face with a potential employer they have already “met” you. By that, they have “Googled” you and reviewed your profile on “LinkedIn”. That can be a very good thing! Or it can be the beginning of the end. It’s up to you. Try “Googling” yourself and see what you find. Is it what you were hoping to find or were there some problems? Then take a look at your LinkedIn Profile and see how it measures up. Is it polished and professional? Or, quite possibly, is it just barebones and boring? Don’t worry! can help.

We have helped hundreds of job seekers and career changers since 1992 redefine and market themselves in both thriving and tight job markets. You might be wondering if you really need the assistance of a professional resume writer and career coach. If you know what you want to do, are getting interviews and job offers, then I can safely say that you don’t need us right now. However, if you are constantly tweaking your resume and find that most of your ‘job search’ time is spent on the computer and reworking your resume, then you do need us. By investing in the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer you will gain confidence that what you are putting out there (your resume) and what people are finding online (your LinkedIn Profile) are helping you to move forward. You will also save valuable time and can invest that time in job search efforts that reap results. Would you rather be sitting at your computer reworking your resume or would you rather be sitting face-to-face with someone who could connect you with your next job?

Maybe you know this, but maybe you don’t. In 100% of the clients I have written resumes for they have gained confidence in moving forward in their job searches. I hear things like, “Is that really me?”, “Wow, you captured the essence of me!“, “I never could have created this by myself.”, “I can’t wait to get started.”. This is just a sample to illustrate the feeling of relief and the pride that our clients have felt when presented with their “new and improved” resumes. Our clients move quickly beyond the ‘sit at the computer’ stage and move into their job searches with renewed confidence, focus and determination. can assist you with everything from polishing your resume that will propel you into the job market to helping you minimize the “digital dirt” that is out there about you. You can be guaranteed that a potential employer will “Google” you, so why not take charge and reduce the chances that those less than stellar moments from years gone by are not hindering your job search today.


As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I have personally written 2000+ professional resumes. The art of writing a game-changing, interview-winning resume begins with an effective one-on-one interview, whether in person or via the telephone. The key to an effective interview is being prepared. Both the resume writer and the client need to have done their homework. A resume is so much more than a piece of paper with your work history on it. If done correctly, it will capture and convey the essence of who you are and what you have to offer in a way that open doors for you to interviews. Professional resumes range from $400 to $1200 depending on your position, depth and breadth of experience, complexity of work history and ability to articulate details during telephone consultation. Recent traditional graduates and professionals with less than 10 years of experience would fall on the lower end; professionals, middle managers and administrative/technical personnel with 10+ years of experience would fall in the middle range; while senior and executive level professionals on the upper end.

As a prospective resume client of, we recommend that you email your current or last resume to us and complete the Resume Form. We will email you a quote for creating a professional resume. You may email your resume to us at, we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Additional related services are also available to our Professional Resume and/or Career Coaching Clients:

  • LinkedIn Profile & Social Media Branding
  • Google Search, Digital Dirt Reduction & Google Search Enhancement
  • Cover Letters & Letterhead
  • Reference Sheet (included with resume)
  • Salary History Sheet
  • Addendum