Professional Career Coaching provided one-on-one with a Certified Career Management Coach, Certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Practitioner and Certified Professional Resume Writer. Our goal is to partner with you as you clarify, define, refine and ultimately achieve career success.


Career Coaching Benefits

Career Coaching WorksIf you are reading this, then you have, at the very least, an inkling that career coaching might be able to help you get unstuck from your current career situation. Whether you are a first time career seeker, mid-life career changer or seasoned professional, career coaching will help you gain insight, confidence and inspiration while providing support, encouragement and momentum. Getting unstuck begins with a first step. Wherever you are in your career it’s never too late to change what you want to be when you grow up. There are many benefits to career coaching, but the top three are getting unstuck and clarifying your career direction, accomplishing your career goals, and achieving greater confidence. Remember, career coaching is always solution-oriented.


Career Coaching Features

434x374 - fishWhether you want to get to work for the first time or back to work after time away or following a lay-off we know that you want to do this as quickly as possible. Our career services are designed precisely with that in mind. Of course, there are no shortcuts in life; however by focusing on exactly what you need when you need it will allow us to effectively address the issues impacting your current career situation. Our services are tailored to meet your immediate and unique needs and conveniently packaged just for you. We offer a full array of career services including: career assessment and testing; MBTI workplace testing; career “fit” coaching; professional resume writing; interview coaching; social media management and job search strategies, all designed with your needs in mind. 


Clarifying Your Direction

Clarifying Your Career DirectionWhen meeting people for the first time as a child or teen or college student you are often asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Admittedly a few people can actually answer that; however so many more of us cannot. We do our best in school, head to college, pick a major, graduate and wonder where we go from there. We might even jump into the first job that is offered to us. As time goes on we may find that we are horribly unhappy and feeling stuck. If this resonates with you, then perhaps taking a career test or two would help you to identify your strengths, personality preferences, workplace preferences, career interests and potentially satisfying career opportunities.


Polishing Your Impression

Polishing Your ImpressionAre you confident that your resume is polished and professional? Does it highlight your key strengths with proven examples of the value you will add? Are you confident that you can bring your resume to life in your next interview? Our goal is to help you polish your impression both in print and in person. To start we will identify the necessary benchmarks for your desired career, then assess your resume and interviewing skills in relation to your career goal. So, if you have been questioning the impression either your resume has left on a prospective employer or even the impression you have left then we have help. The best place to start is with a Mini Resume & Interviewing Check-up.


Making Key Connections

Career NetworkingIf you have a resume that markets you for the job you want and you are confident in your ability to bring your resume to life in the interview then the next step is to get doors to open for you. We all know that jobs are advertised in newspapers and in online job search engines, but did you know that most people get their jobs through the hidden job market. Everyone has a hidden job market! Today 60-80% of job seekers get their jobs through their personal relationships. In a tough job market looking at your own personal contacts, as well as your personal connections’ connections will give you an advantage over the job seekers who wait for jobs to come to them via the newspaper or search engine.