Looking for your career roadmap?

We all want to be happy in our work lives; however career satisfaction has eluded many of us no matter how many times we have changed jobs and careers.  It is easy for us to identify what we do not like in our work, but find it difficult to identify what will truly bring us career satisfaction. How many times have you been asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” For too many of us that question echoes off the walls of our minds.  We tolerate the pain of feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled by our work, and often do not know how to make the right career move for us. Simply by engaging the services of a Certified Career Management Coach you will gain insight and practical tools, reliable information and the motivation to help you tackle the steps necessary to achieve career satisfaction. Your career coach will outline the steps you will need to take and will guide you as you move forward in a focused way toward bringing clarity and momentum to your career. The goal is to help you weave who you really are with what you do.

When working with a career coach you may secretly want them to tell us what to do. The only way career coaching works is for you to take responsibility for implementing each step while using your career coach to listen, guide and empower you through the process. Rediscovering your passions and pursuing them is not a simple task, but one that will enrich your life and ultimately bring you the joy, passion and meaning that you have been missing.

As you move forward you will first consider your vision of the future then reflect on your guiding values, interests, skills, personality traits as seen by you and perceived by others. Once you have a clear idea of who you are and what you have and want to offer to a prospective employer, then you will identify what types of careers and work environments will be the “best fit” for you. The final step is to create a career path plan or roadmap to help guide you as you move toward your goal of career satisfaction.