You are not change and job loss are at the very top of the list of stressors in our lives. So what are you to do? HIRE A CAREER COACH to guide you over the hurdles and around any obstacles you are facing. Get started today!


career assessment and testing

The MBTI® & Strong Interest Inventory Combined Career Report: College Edition (including MBTI® Profile Report) will provide you with a 27-page complete career development picture of yourself based on a combined interpretation of your interests and personality. By integrating your basic interests, occupational themes and personal style scales with your MBTI® results you will have at your fingertips a comprehensive report that will highlight potentially satisfying career options and identify relevant occupations, with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments. Continue Reading...


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CAREER TESTING: Professionals


The MBTI® & Strong Interest Inventory Combined Career Report: Professional Edition (including MBTI® Profile Report) will provide you with a 23-page complete professional career development picture of yourself based on a combined interpretation of your interests and personality. This comprehensive report will offer you career direction while identifying relevant careers, with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments. This MBTI® report will provide clarity about you, your preferences and your career direction to help you better understand yourself as you move forward in your career. Continue Reading...


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MBTI Interpretive Testing & Coaching


With the MBTI® Interpretive Report you will receive a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that will help you to understand and apply your MBTI results in your professional and/or personal life. Exclusive to this report are easy-to-understand explanations of the five sub-category facets of each MBTI preference. These results are then described in-depth in the areas of: communication, change management, decision making and conflict management. This report, in combination with personalized coaching, will take your knowledge of the MBTI® to a whole new level. Continue Reading...


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The Value of Career Coaching & Career Counseling

Over the years, after coaching thousands of clients, we cannot stress enough the importance of putting time and effort into choosing the right career. Our clients have learned that if they pursue a career that they feel passionate about then the rest is relatively easy. If you love what you do, then talking to people about it comes naturally, whether it is networking, blogging or interviewing. When we talk about what we love we tend to smile and show enthusiasm, two things that really help you to connect with people. And connecting with people is key in your job search.

So what happens if you are already on a career path that isn't the right match for you, but that you have invested time and money in? Anyone who has worked with us knows that we don't expect you to quit your job today or tomorrow to pursue your passion, but we do want to help you discover what you are passionate about. We want to know what would make you look forward to Monday mornings. We want you to find a niche, whether with your current employer or with a new employer, where you feel truly connected with what you are doing, who you are doing it with and where you are doing it.

Welcome to Our goal is to provide you with a career roadmap and career strategies for finding career satisfaction and career success. With more than twenty years of career coaching and career counseling experience we have learned that everyone benefits from the career roadmap, which includes: Career Assessment, Career Testing, MBTI Testing, Personality Type Testing, Personality Type Testing for Kids, Career Exploration, Career Research, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, Job Search Coaching, Professional Resume Writing Services, Employer Research, Salary Research, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Networking and Online Job Search Strategies. No matter where you are going with your career it always serves you well to look back at where you have been and plan wisely for your next career move. We offer you a Career Strategy Jumpstart Session to get you started. We want you to be in charge of your career. So many of us end up without a roadmap and just haphazardly move along a career path that no longer brings the career satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment that we had once wished for. By utilizing our career coaching and career testing services you will get your own roadmap for career success.

A Career Strategy Jumpstart Session is the best place to start if you are confused as to exactly what you need. Most of us aren't sure if we are focused on the right career path or if that career path will lead us where we are hoping to go. Other times we just aren't sure if our resumes are doing us justice. Is your resume polished? Does it highlight your strengths, your R-O-I? Can a potential employer get a clear idea of the value you will bring to the business? In your Career Strategy Session you will have the opportunity to have your Career Coach answer any and all questions you have regarding your career transition and/or job search.

We offer several options for jumpstarting your personal Career Roadmap. The first is through Career Testing, sometimes called MBTI Testing, personality testing or personality type. This is the place to start if you are unsure of your career direction. You will take the career test that is right for you (Myers-Briggs & Strong Interest Inventory Career Reports). Please review the sample reports before selecting. We have selected these tests as the ones that are best suited for our clients who are in the midst of a career change. The Career Testing package will provide you with information on what types of careers would best fit someone with your profile. This is a jumping off point for some as it answers their basic questions and they move on with their planned career move. We now offer an in-depth look at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with the MBTI Interpretive Report, which further describes your individual type in more depth by breaking it down into five personality facets for each preference scale.